Visual Studio 2005 AND Visual Studio 2008

Project Description
TytanNET is an extension for Visual Studio providing a set of useful toolwindows, refactoring methods, debugging-time visualizers and special data insertion/edition inside current code windows. It will reduce your coding effort in number of places today!

Help & Donation

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TytanNET Toolbar

It can basically by design:
  • increase your productivity
  • reduce the amouth of boring coding
  • help in code debugging and navigation

When you do coding in languages such as:
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Managed C++

Top Features

The most excited features of TytanNET are:
  • capturing debug logs (see more at: Debug Output View)
    • at runtime
    • for all or specified process
    • from serial ports (COM1, COM2, ...) existing on your machine and connected to external devices
    • with filtering by text pattern capatility
  • jumping to proper line of code, based on log entry (special formatting acquired, however several patterns are dynamically detected and applied: Debug Output View)
    • when class and method name is given (C++/C#/VB)
    • when global function name detected (C/C++)
  • visualization of common objects during debugging
    • XML documents
    • images and image lists, color objects
    • COM objects
  • edition of system registry (see more at: Registry View)
  • quick navigation over system registry
    • to node given by name
    • to stored ('favorite') node
    • using back-forward navigation
  • edition of system variables (see more at: Environment Variables)
    • useful especially during tests of modules with configuration based on system variables, eliminating the need of the Visual Studio (for Software Testers) relaunch to get them updated!
    • for current process (i.e.: Visual Studio itself and all other launched by it)
    • for current user
    • for the whole machine
  • rapid addition of references between projects (see more at: Quick Project Reference)
    • from selected assembly file
    • from the list of other project
    • from the list of references of others
    • from predefined list
    • no more need to load the whole list of assemblies on the machine (as the standard dialog does)!
  • code generation
  • renaming sets of methods based on given patterns (see more at: Multi Rename)
  • quick insertion and edition
    • of connection strings in any text editor windows (just a matter of text-selection)
    • of Guid attribute or GUID string (depending on cursor context inside active document)
    • of file or folder paths
    • of file contents



You need to have at least Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition installed.
The Visual Studio Express editions are not supported.

Tool Windows

Toolwindows Special toolwindows:
  • Debug Output View - captures and browses the debug messages received during runtime execution of programs.
  • Environment Variables - allows edition and listing environment variables for Visual Studio, current user and whole machine
  • Registry View - provides registry editor and navigator capabilities inside the Visual Studio IDE
  • Command Preview - tool window to preview details of all menus and named commands inside Visual Studio IDE

Refactoring Methods

Refactorings Extra refactorings:
Refactorings QuickInsert refactorings:
  • Guid Attribute - context dependent insertion of GuidAttribute or GUID text
  • Database Connection String - for insertion or edition of database connection string inside any text documents (including source code editors, XML configuration files etc.)
  • File or Folder Path - for insertion or edition of paths to files or folders on local machine
  • File Content - for import or export of serialized file-content into current text document

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous actions:

Design-Time Code-Generators

Generators Code generators:

Debugging-Time Visualizers

Visualizers Extra visualizers while debugging:

Future Development

Incomming Incomming new features, bring to life soon are:
If you are interested in a particular functionality, please submit new request on Issues tab.


Project Awarded by Zine Bloggers during ZineDay 2008.

If you are more interested in writing own VisualStudio AddIns, please read more posts/articles:

Icons are owned by:
and distributed together with TytanNET Add-in under CreativeCommons 2.5 and CreativeCommons 3.0 license conditions.

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