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This page contains the complete list of changes introduced with each release of TytanNET AddIn

TytanNET - v0.21 - (in progress)

  • fixed issue with DebugView, not working properly on some machines
  • added changes tracking to EnvironmentVariables editor
  • added cache support for changed values of environment variables between Visual Studio sessions
  • added revert functionality to changes introduced to environment variables
  • added storing/loading sets of changes to/from persistent storage
  • added stand-alone EnvironmentVariable editor
  • improved some build scripts & project settings

TytanNET - v0.20 - (3-March-2009)

  • fixed crash when checking version behind proxy (PR #20456)
  • added binary file parser with support of Windows PE32/PE32+ files (Portable Executable) also known as Coff files
  • added Coff2XmlGenerator class for rapid import and export sections descriptions of any .exe/.dll within IDE
  • improved RegistryView by tooltips with values
  • separated Guid fields generated by VsctGenerator into GUID-string field and Guid field based on that
  • added parameter to dynamically change into 'internal' or 'public' classes created by VsctGenerator
  • added support for disabling naming conventions inside ExtractPropertyRefactor (PR #20469)
  • introduced possible fix for continous DebugView crash (PR #21387)

TytanNET - v0.19 - (19-December-2008)

  • added support for C# 3.0 properties to generate InitConstructor (PR #19382)
  • added support for memory mapped files to read and analize binary files
  • fixed minor issue with close-solution events handling internal order
  • fixed issue with capturing debug messages on virtual machines
  • added support for serial port (COM1, COM2, ...) debug messages
  • improved IDE responsiveness when updating menus of QuickProjectReference

TytanNET - v0.18 - (15-November-2008)

  • added icons and shortcuts for "insertion" refactorings
  • improved text insertion for Guid attribute and raw string
  • improved text insertion for Connection string
  • introduced configuration settings (i.e.: Tools->Options->TytanNET tab)
  • fixed DebugView filter storage
  • added configuration page for defining custom assemblies for quick project referencing
  • added prompt when solution is about to close
  • added configuration page to enable/disable closing prompt
  • fixed Tytan toolbar state restoring (PR #19383)
  • fixed solution events internal error (PR #19352)

TytanNET - v0.17 - (25-October-2008)

  • added support for localized Visual Studio versions (FR, DE, IT, ES)
  • added refactoring - Guid attribute or raw text insertion
  • added in-place edition of database connection string with system standard dialog
  • added in-place edition of path location / file location / file content
  • added in-place insertion of proposed class-name
  • added automatic version check each week

TytanNET - v0.16 - (11-October-2008)

  • Completely rewritten installer for more secure and robust installation
  • ReferenceProject is now disabled in debug-mode of Visual Studio IDE /PR #18398/
  • added AboutBox menu with info about TytanNET
  • introduced "Check for update" option for quick version validation
  • introduced "Tips & Tricks" help info
  • added popup-menu on toolbar for auxiliary tool-windows
  • fixed Multi-method Rename crash when some invalid parameters passed as a rename template
  • fixed VB-specific fields naming issues with ExtractPropertyRefactor refactoring
  • fixed VB-specific access-modification crash with ExtractPropertyRefactor
  • fixed VB-specific hex conversion issues with VsctGenerator

TytanNET - v0.15 - (25-April-2008)

  • DebugView can jump to global functions in C/C++ code
  • fixed few DebugView crashes when accessing Visual Studio Code-Model
  • InitConstructor refactoring can create constructor without parameters, if all unchecked on the dialog-box
  • added new CommandPreview toolwindow to browse Visual Studio commands and menus
  • CommandPreview can export icons of buttons to a file
  • added feature to change the namespace and class names of code generator for VSCT files

TytanNET - v0.14 - (30-July-2008)

  • updated installer to automatically launch Visual Studio with switch '/ResetAddin' to avoid icon loses
  • ported to Visual Studio 2008 (changed: tool windows sizes and tab icons display)
  • improved process info access for DebugView
  • added internal logs framework
  • added 'Browse for assembly...' to ReferenceProject
  • removed duplicates from ReferenceProject
  • removed some funnies when non-dotNET project in the solution

TytanNET - v0.13 - (12-June-2008)

  • added automatic installer to improve configuration process
  • added code generator for VSCT files
  • added searching for RegistryView tool
  • added support for predefined 'favorite' keys inside RegistryView (with management)
  • RegistryView has now support for back-forward navigation
  • RegistryView has now ability to export given key into .reg file
  • DebugView remembers the location of active element when new filter applied
  • DebugView and RegistryView are now available as stand-alone applications
  • fixed few minor issues

TytanNET - v0.12 - (28-April-2008)

  • added quick project reference menus (on the toolbar and for each project menu inside Solution Explorer)
  • fixed few minor issues

TytanNET - v0.11 - (18-April-2008)

  • toolbar now stores its location and restores it on the next Visual Studio session
  • added visualizers for: Color, XML text, Image (Bitmap, Icon) and ImageList

TytanNET - v0.10 - (16-April-2008)

  • fixed RegistryView tool crash on access to forbidden keys
  • fixed 'Open Folder...' icon placement for all files in Solution tree
  • added 'Open Folder...' icon for MDI window context menu

TytanNET - v0.9 - (02-April-2008)

initial version with following tool windows:
  • DebugView
  • RegistryView
  • Visual Studio EnvironmentVariables View

initial version with following refactoring methods:
  • Init Constructor
  • Extract Property
  • Reorder Assignment
  • Multi-method Rename
  • Open Folder...

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