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This page describes in details DebugView tool-window of TytanNET.


This tool-window was designed to help developers to monitor operations executed by their applications at run-time. Each operation must be tagged by the proper logs. It also allows loading of stored data to support an off-line analysis.

DebugView window captures and holds all the logs produced by all running applications currently in OS with possibility to jump into proper line of source-code (opened in Visual Studio) and lots of useful filtering.

Usage of Logs

DebugView is capable of capturing logs generated by following functions:
These logs are always visible as Unicode strings that may be used for further processing.
There are 3 types actions:
  1. filter by source project PID
  2. filter by looking for given text (with '*' as mask for any characters)
  3. jump into source-code based on class and method names decoded from log message.


Example: *msdn*office*

Will look for any log entries that contain the 'msdn' text anywhere followed by 'office' text. There might be none or any number of characters between them.

Code Jump

Log messages are divided into string array separated by '|' character. Then the subsystem tries to match each pair of following entries with any class and method names in currently opened solution. Then it opens proper source-code file and moves the cursor.

Example: 2008-06-12|ClassA|MethodB|Enter with id='ref://...'

Will try to find 'ClassA' with 'MethodB' through the code.

Look & Feel

The DebugView tool-window with some sample data is shown on following picture:

DebugView window

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