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This page answers most popular questions related to TytanNET addin usage and installation.


Here you can find answers for most problems experienced during installation and normal usage of TytanNET for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008

List of Questions

  • Is it really needed to launch Visual Studio during installation ?
Yes, this is caused by invoking Visual Studio executable with switch '/ResetAddIn'. In some cases icons are lost for 'Tytan Toolbar' for users that had previous version installed. This helps to repair that issue.
  • How can I check if I am using the latest version of TytanNET?
Since v0.19 version, the TytanNET addin automatically checks for a new version on the server. In case of detection of newer version it will suggest to visit Releases page to manually download and install goodies. No automatic installations are possible yet. On the other hand, checking for updates can be also performed manually using 'Info->Check for update...' menu. More info about current configuration can be found here.
  • After the installation I don't see TytanNET at all on the list inside AddIn Manager of Visual Studio ?
Some versions of the installer created information about new add-in only inside the context of the current user. So it might happen that if the current user is not an administrator, who actually installed the software, it will not be correctly registered. It is recommended then to manually copy .AddIn files from the installation folder into 'MyDocuments / Visual Studio 2005* / AddIns' or 'MyDocuments / Visual Studio 2008 / AddIns'.

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