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This page describes in details Quick Project Reference of TytanNET.


Another huge waste of time is spent using Visual Studio's build-in Reference dialogs. Because at show-up it parses all the content of .NET GAC it can take even 30 seconds to complete, even if only a reference to another project from the same solution will be added.

Hopefull TytanNET AddIn brings its own idea how to speed a little bit things up.


When the solution is opened TytanNET AddIn checks the list of existing projects and creates a menu of used assemblies. Then during work within Visual Studio it automatically updates that list in case of any changes done to the solution.

Menu consist of following group of assemblies:
  • pick-up reference, by selecting an assembly directly
  • references to actual projects in the solution
  • references to output assemblies of projects
  • references to common assemblies for Windows development
  • references to all the other assemblies references by other projects


Now it is just enough to select one of the requested assemblies and this will be added to the currently selected project references.

Nice & simple!


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