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This page describes in details the System.ComObject Visualizer of TytanNET.


The worst thing you can imagine is when somewhere in the code, exception has been throw and it is not said why, who and any other reasonable help is neither not available. Described case can look like that one:


Something went wrong with operations over ComObject. It is especially brutal during work with 3rd party components, about which we:
  • don't know the existing interfaces
  • don't know the expected types
  • don't know the relations between interfaces (maybe some of them are grouped and implemented by one object)
  • don't know what other operations can be executed (and maybe they will not throw the exception)

Steps To Run

To show the ComVisualizer just click the magnifying class, after pointing the variable inside Visual Studio editor.

Important - because dynamic type detection of an object can be time consuming and Visual Studio allows the visualizer only for very short time to mangle with object's content, sometimes an error message can be shown. In that situation, press [F10] to move execution into next line of code and repeat show of the ComVisualizer. Since some of the information is cached, next time it should go much smoother and the error won't be displayed.


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