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This page describes in details the XML Visualizer of TytanNET within Visual Studio IDE.


The big disadvantage of Visual Studio is lack of XML visualizers. It might be sometimes useful to preview dynamically created or received XML document and find some data, review its structure or do something similar. Hopefully XmlVisualizator is in place and comes with some help.

Steps To Run

To make usage of XmlVisualizer follow the steps:
  • Run your application in debugger mode
  • Set a breakpoint just after dynamic setting of XmlDocument variable value. It is shown on an figure below.

XmlDocument variable
  • Move the cursor over the variable.
  • And click the magnifying class to start XmlVisualizer (sometimes it is required to use the drop-down menu nearby to choose that visualizer)
  • Content of the variable will be than presented in two views:
    • TreeView
    • standard XML-formatted text

The result is that the values are much more readable and can be easily accessed.

Look And Feel

The images below present the default views with sample data:

XmlVisualizer TreeView

XmlVisualizer Text

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